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Tech Support Team was created in 2007 as a resource for all kinds of computer users, from experts to newbies, and yes, even Einsteins.

This forum is free to use and is financed by advertisements. Tech Support Team is suitable for all ages, hence the reason we call ourselves a “family” site.

This site is run by our wonderful group of volunteers. Some of these go on to become Community Moderators. I, the site owner, would like to say a big thank-you to all volunteers who help within the forums, as without you, this site would be nothing. To learn more about our wonderful group of administrators, moderators, and Malware Removal specialists, visit our Forum Leaders page.

Tech Support Team is privately owned. That means, we are in no-way affiliated with any other company or organization. While we may get special guests from big companies drop in from time-to-time, it must be kept in mind that we are in no-way affiliated with these companies.

There’s a lot of other fun things to do at Tech Support Team besides offering support. We have a Chit Chat forum, which means you can discuss anything you like, so long it doesn’t go against our rules. Not only that, we also have a Fun and Games forum, where you can play thread games ect. with the members that make up our community. And, the fun doesn’t end there. We have our very own Arcade – yes, that’s right. Of course, this sites main objective is providing free computer help and support; however, we all need some fun now and again. Think of it as our thank-you gift for helping in the forums.

We are always looking for ideas to improve Tech Support Team and to make our members experience a more pleasurable one. If you should ever have an idea that you believe will improve Tech Support Team, then please let us know via our Site feedback & Suggestions forum. We won’t bite, I promise. Just make sure you read the Current To Do List beforehand.

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